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Tanzania US Alumni Organization (TUSSAA) Elects New Leaders, Sets Course to Contribute More to Tanzania Development

TUSSAA is a non-governmental organization that brings together over 6,000 individuals who have benefited from various exchange programs organized by the United States government.

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The Tanzania U.S. State Alumni Association (TUSSAA) concluded its annual general meeting today, April 6, 2024, at the University of Dar es Salaam Library, with the election of new leaders and the initiation of its three-year planning process.

TUSSAA is a non-governmental organization that brings together over 6,000 individuals who have benefited from various exchange programs organized by the United States government.

These programs include the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), of which the first president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere, was a part; the Young African Leadership Initiative Mandela Washington Fellowship (YALI MWF); the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program (HHH); and the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), among others.

The Guest of Honor at the event was the U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, Michael Battle who emphasized the importance of young people focusing on societal issues and challenges, including education, employment, and advocating for the welfare of the broader community.

Fredrick Fussi was elected as a Chairperson of TUSSA, Florah Nyelekwa was elected as Executive Secretary and Enikia Bisanda was elected as the treasurer. The board comprises four members, including Dr. Irene Ketegwe, Boniphace Maduhu, Halima Nauma, and Otaigo Mwita

TUSSAA leadership from left Halima Nauma,Dr. Irene Ketegwe, Otaigo Elisha Mwita,Boniphace Maduhu,Fredrick Fussi, Florah Nyelekwa and Enikia Bisanda.

“In the first 100 days of our tenure in office, we will host over 1,000 youth and conduct outreach in ten regions, along with leadership training,” explained Fussi regarding TUSSAA’s plans.

The new leadership, composed of professionals from tech startups, the trade sector, the health sector, and non-governmental organizations, is committed to turning TUSSAA into a vibrant organization that will run programs across the country.

“I am very excited about TUSSAA, I want to use my expertise in the health sector to help the organization build structures that will make it more sustainable,” said Dr.Ketegwe.

The organization has continued to receive strong support from the US Embassy in Tanzania and is expected to build some of its programs utilizing resources such as the American Spaces.

The US Cultural Affairs Officer, Chad Morris assured TUSSAA of continuous support from the US Embassy and encouraged members to volunteer, he said: “Volunteerism is an important value in the United States and that is what we share with Tanzania.”

“You are an elite group of people and this is an opportunity to use that power to give back to Tanzania,” he added.

One of the challenges that the new leadership faces is to bring together members of the organization whose majority are scattered across the country most of them accomplished individuals in various fields.

Also, the leadership needs to put structures that will allow the organization to buffer up its coffers and have continuous programs.

The US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Jeanne Clark implored members to use the rich network of TUSSAA in solving community challenges, “We hope today has helped you see willing partners around you,” she said.

Additional reporting by Freelance Journalist Seif Kabelele

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12 Responses

  1. This is an excellent program but there is another USA/NGO program known as Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program which has more than 200 Alumni in Tanzania. This involves form two Tanzania students who attend one year study in the US and come back to complete their form education in Tanzania and proceed with the rest of education. It turns out they do very well in education and society and have this spirit for volunteering here in Tanzania. I wonder whether they are members of this aluminium?

  2. Great. Didn’t such an organization existed. I would be more than happy to be part of the initiatives even at volunteer tasks within in the country and appropriate for a Senior/ retirees.
    NB: Born and raised in Tanganyika/ Tanzania, spent most of career years in the US and now happily retired in a remote village in Manyara.

    1. I am an Alumni of International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP. I have not received any communication for some years now. I think I changed my email address.

      I would like to be part of this family again.

  3. I would like to join the group. What are the procedures and categories and on what basis can one join.

  4. I am an alumni of TUSSAA and I was among the people who prepared the constitution for registration but I have not heard from the leadership of TUSSAA since them. Am interested in taking part in any activity organised by TUSSAA . I attended the International Leadership Program long time ago in 2011.

    Victoria Mandari

  5. I will be greatful if i get a room to work with the organization, may i know the procedure please on how to join!

  6. As the IVLP 2018 Alumni, I am willing to contribute my experience of the Young Empowerment and Entrepreneurship in the organization. We are doing great work changing lives of young girls through our award winning Gender Based Violence (GBV) Program that is on its 7 years running. We look to the strong and visionary leadership to stir this organization forward. Kiddos your election!!

  7. I am one of those who benefited from US Program in 1995. We formed organization in 1996 same like this and we had strategies. I remember one time we planted trees at mashujaa primary school Sinza Dar es salaam and other places, and elected leaders, but from then no information. I want to join. What is the procedure

    1. I would like to be a member too. What are the requirements needed to join and how can we join the organization.

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