About us

The Goal

The Chanzo Initiative exists at the interface between advocacy and journalism. It is founded to uplift the voices of the underreported, vulnerable, and marginalized communities in Tanzania with the goal to make Tanzania the best place to live for everyone regardless of class, creed, sexual orientation and nationality. At present, the modus operandi of most media outlets in Tanzania have made the voices of people from these communities to be less represented thanks to the prevalent attitude in the part of journalists and media managers that issues from these communities do not ensure maximum and immediate revenue returns to the media and their owners.


Our Approach

Through strategic and public interest journalism and advocacy, the Chanzo Initiative will contribute to the development of a new type of people-centred, people-funded journalism to redress obstacles that inhibit people’s ability to change their lives for better. the Chanzo Initiative will work with partners, like grassroots organizations, community radios, like-minded organizations etc. to build interest and public demand for the social responsibility role of the media, advocating for social justice and inclusive development through a change of norms and practices that contribute to the social and economic inequalities, among other things. the Chanzo Initiative will also seek to analyse world and regional issues and their implications to the vulnerable and marginalized groups worldwide.

Mission and vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to use journalism as a tool to advance the issues of priorities among the people from underreported, vulnerable, and underprivileged groups in Tanzania and thus contribute to building an inclusive and responsive Tanzania for everyone.

Our Vision

To be the leading voice of an underreported, vulnerable, and underprivileged member of the community in Tanzania

The Outcome We Seek

The Chanzo Initiative will seek to achieve the following outcomes:-

(i) A society in which every citizen’s voice is represented without regards to profit, fear of repression from the state or chastisement from the so-called cultural guards;

(ii) A citizenry actively engaged in using the media to fight for social justice and inclusive development as well as the violation of their key rights and fundamental freedoms;

(iii) An active cadre of public interest journalists inspired by their commitment to inclusive development and social justice and to optimally utilize the constitution in defence of key rights and fundamental freedoms;

(iv) Social justice and economic system that is responsive to the needs of the citizenry and guarantees the enjoyment of key rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the value chain.

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