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Author: Damas Kanyabwoya

A Catch in Samia’s Economic Success Story

President Samia’s accomplishment lays bare a scary reality in the Tanzanian political-economic situation: the failure of CCM to ensure economic policy stability, which is the bedrock of long-term growth.

Remembering Honest Ngowi, A Public Intellectual Par Excellence

The up and coming intellectuals should study Prof Ngowi’s life and emulate it. Tanzanians benefit more when intellectuals come out of academia and share their knowledge with the general public in a manner that makes the common understand complex issues.

Why Samia Walks a Tight Rope in the Katiba Issue 

How President Samia deals with key political reforms can be used to gauge how honest she was when she seconded the postponement of the New Constitution on March 21. Is it so as to buy more time or was it out of genuine concerns for the inadequate time needed to craft the mother law?

Tanzania: The Road Ahead After Mbowe’s Release

The next immediate step after the release of Mr Mbowe should be the review of all gross human rights violations that took place in the last seven years so as to bring closure to victims and their loved ones and to heal the nation.