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The Chanzo Morning Briefing – August 18, 2022. 

In our briefing today: Samia in Kinshasa for 42nd SADC summit; Pakistan to invest $1bn in Tanzania; TANESCO cancels maintenance plans hours after announcing them.

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Dar es Salaam. Good morning! The Chanzo is here with a rundown of major news stories reported in Tanzania on Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

Samia in Kinshasa for 42nd SADC summit

President Samia Suluhu Hassan is in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to participate in the 42nd Ordinary Summit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State and Government from August 17 to August 18, 2022.

Regional leaders will deliberate on the region’s development under the theme “Promoting industrialisation through, agro-processing, mineral beneficiation, and regional value chains for inclusive and resilient economic growth.”

The theme underscores efforts to strengthen the implementation of the SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2020–2030 which seeks to further deepen Southern Africa’s regional integration and foster development in support of the pillar for Industrial Development and Market Integration.

The SADC Summit will be hosted at the Palais du Peuple (Parliament Building). The Member States will be updated on progress in implementing these strategic plans and prior Summit decisions since the last summit in August 2021 in Lilongwe, Malawi.

During the Summit, President Félix Tshisekedi Tshilombo of the DRC will take over the chairpersonship of SADC from President Lazarus Chakwera of the Republic of Malawi.

Malawi assumed the Chair on 17th August 2021 during the 41st SADC Summit held in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Pakistan to invest $1bn in Tanzania

Pakistan has announced plans to invest $1 billion in Tanzania during the next five years, following the launch of the Tanzania-Pakistan Business Council (TPBC), Farmers’ Review reported Wednesday.

The Asian nation which seeks to up its involvement in various sectors of the latter’s economy will invest in agriculture, water, mining, education, health, port, solar energy, climate change and solid waste management sectors.

According to TPBC chairman Shaidi Majeed, the realisation of the plan would mean that Pakistan will more than double the value of its investments in Tanzania which stood at $490 million in 2020, according to Farmers’ Review, citing data from the Pakistan Embassy.

Speaking in a meeting convened under the auspices of the Welfare Association of Pakistanis (WAP) as part of the celebrations to mark the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan, Mr Majeed said the $1 billion would be released in phases depending on government priorities.

“Thirty per cent of that amount will be released in form of grants to support artisanal miners as well as to help in the drilling of boreholes; paying school fees for the needy children and medication,” he was quoted as saying. “The remaining 70 per cent which translates into $700 million – would come in form of direct investment that would involve Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) between Tanzania and Pakistan.”

Once the funds are approved they expect to establish fertilizer factories and industries to process raw materials and produce final products to boost export and create job opportunities for Tanzanians.

TANESCO cancels maintenance plans hours after announcing them

The Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) on Wednesday had to suspend its plans to switch off prepaid electricity token purchasing services (LUKU) for four days hours after having announced them.

The maintenance was to take place for four days – from August 22 to 25 from 10 pm to 7 am – with the aim of improving the purchase of electricity tokens, Senior ICT Manager at TANESCO Cliff Maregeli told reporters on Wednesday.

“Customers are advised to purchase enough units to avoid any challenge because no prepaid customer will be able to purchase electricity during the maintenance period,” he said. “These improvements are important because the aim is to serve our customers better in the token purchasing system.”

But hours later, following complaints among users on social media, the utility company announced that it was postponing the maintenance plans until further notice.

“We will let you know when we will be ready to carry out the exercise,” a statement by the company said, giving no reason for the postponement. “We apologize for any disturbance caused.”

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  1. (a)
    “Regional leaders will deliberate on the region’s development under the theme “Promoting industrialisation through, agro-processing, mineral beneficiation, and regional value chains for inclusive and resilient economic growth.”

    African countries are headed by foreign controlled HOUSE NEGROES who rely totally on the orders dictated to them by the USA and the former European colonial masters! These foreign controlled elites only see fellow unarmed African citizens as their staunch enemies who must be brutalized to silence or eliminated!

    “Pakistan to invest $1bn in Tanzania” ???
    How can Tanzania ruling elites allow Pakistan to PAY ITS FOREIGN DEBTS by exploiting the Tanzanian citizens and natural resources? Pakistan OWES MOUNTAINS OF IMF and WORLD Bank DEBT and is being bailed out! Where does PAKISTAN find $1 billion to invest in Tanzania if it NEEDS TO BE BAILED OUT??

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