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The Chanzo Morning Briefing – February 7, 2023. 

In our briefing today: Tanzania hosts 7,493 illegal migrants in its various prisons; Africa House, SAOGA to lead delegation to showcase opportunities in Tanzania; Zanzibar to host travel exhibition to promote eco-tourism.

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Dar es Salaam. Good morning! The Chanzo is here with a rundown of major news stories reported in Tanzania on Monday, February 6, 2023.

Tanzania hosts 7,493 illegal migrants in its various prisons

The chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Security, Mr Vita Kawawa told the parliament on Monday that from September to December, 2022, a total of 7,493 illegal immigrants were arrested in various places in the country.

Mr Kawawa was presenting the committee’s report from February 2022 to January 2023 when he pointed out that the number has increased by 93 percent compared to the 1,608 illegal immigrants who were in prisons during the same period in 2021.

“The committee found that from September to December, 2022, in various prisons in the country there were about 3,108 illegal immigrant prisoners and detainees,” said Mr Kawawa.

Kawawa said the number of illegal immigrants in prisons costs the government about Sh15.54 million per day and if the situation remains as it is, the government will spend Sh5.673 billion annually to take care of the prisoners.

He equated the amount of money used to take care of the prisoners the cost of 81,030 desks, with each desk costing Sh70, 000.

Also he urged the government and the authorities to come up with a long-term and feasible strategic plan that will ensure that Tanzania does not continue to have illegal immigrants in its correction facilities.

Africa House, SAOGA to lead delegation to showcase opportunities in Tanzania

Research and consulting company Africa House and industry body South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA) are preparing to lead a delegation to Tanzania in March to help South African firms establish local partnerships, better understand local content development and showcase the significant opportunities available.

According to a report by Mining Weekly published on Monday, the group visit, from March 26 to 31, will follow on similar visits undertaken to Uganda and Namibia last year, with visits planned with the relevant authorities and leading firms involved in major mining, oil and gas projects across Tanzania.

The website reported that Tanzania, with renewed efforts and revitalised policies to unlock the potential of its economy, “offers major opportunities, which Africa House and SAOGA aim to unveil while helping South African firms get involved, particularly in early stage projects.”

With policy constraints eased under a new regime and planned opening up of the sector, the country has emerged as a unique growth story amid global economic turmoil, Mining Weekly added in its report.

“The growth story in Tanzania is intertwined with global events, with the disruptions in logistics and supply chains owing to the pandemic, disruptions with the supply of energy owing to the war in the Ukraine, and the pursuit of net zero,” the website quotes Africa House market insight and development director Roelof van Tonder as saying.

Van Tonder noted that the alignment of these suggests Tanzania will experience sustained high levels of economic activity in the mining, oil and gas sectors, besides others.

Africa House director Duncan Bonnett was quoted as saying that Tanzania’s gross domestic product last year, as estimated by the International Monetary Fund, reached about $75-billion, with expectations that this will surpass $100-billion by 2025, becoming one of the fastest growing countries – at above 6 per cent – across sub-Saharan Africa in the near term.

“That is quite significant because there are only three or four other countries in sub-Saharan Africa that are $100-billion economies. So it is a country that is on the move at a number of levels,” he said.

The intention of the upcoming visit, according to Mining Weekly,  is to take members to a destination where they are able to connect with industry stakeholders, have meaningful engagements, build relationships and potentially secure contracts or enter into joint ventures, while assisting the region’s growth, establishing skills transfer and developing local content, a critical focus of Tanzania.

Zanzibar to host travel exhibition to promote eco-tourism

Zanzibar is hosting the Zanzibar Tourism Investment and Travel Exhibition (ZTITE) 2023, a travel exhibition aimed at promoting eco-tourism.

The theme of the exhibition, which is expected to take place from February 9 to February 11, 2023 is “Greener Zanzibar,” Rahim Bhaloo, chairperson of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, which organizes the event, told Xinhua in an interview.

“Preparations for the exhibition are in full swing,” the news agency quoted Bhaloo as saying.

The official added that the show will be opened by Zanzibar President Hussein Ali Mwinyi at the Mnazi Mmoja grounds in Unguja Island.

The three-day event will also include a travel buyers lounge, a tourism investment forum, workshops, and panel discussions, he said.

“The goal for ZTITE 2023 is to promote eco-tourism by effectively managing and conserving Zanzibar’s cultural, environmental and historical resources,” Bhaloo said in his Saturday’s interview with Xinhua.

He said the theme, “Greener Zanzibar,” calls for tourism that involves strategic investments, sustainable business practices and responsible travel choices.

“Zanzibar is one of the world’s trending destinations with immense potential for development across the tourism value chain,” Bhaloo said.

“We believe the future of Zanzibar’s tourism sector lies in the investment in its people and its natural environment,” Xinhua quoted Bhaloo as saying.

“With a rich heritage and an abundance of flora and fauna, Zanzibar is an ideal destination for eco-tourism, heritage tourism, wellness tourism, sports and adventure tourism, and gastronomic tourism,” he added.

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