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Samia: North-South Cooperation Should Be Based on Just Economic Order

The Head of State says concrete actions are needed to address the North-South divide, pleading for strong strategic financial trade, investment and economic partnerships.

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Dar es Salaam. On August 24, 2023, President Samia Suluhu Hassan addressed the 15th BRICS Summit, an international relations conference attended by the Heads of State and Governments of the five member states: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, in Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city.

In her address, the Tanzanian leader advocated for a just international economic order, reiterating demands to make the UN Security Council fairly representative, effective and reflective of current geopolitical realities. We publish Samia’s full speech below. Minor editing has been done to enhance readability:

It is both a pleasure and an honour to join you in this beautiful city of Johannesburg for the 15th BRICS Summit. So, Chairman, allow me to use this brief time allocated to me to applaud you, members of BRICS, for keeping this association going since its establishment in 2009.

Indeed, the international challenge that inspired the creation of BRICS has evolved, and one may say, to the worse. Henceforth, in the face of the oil crisis and rising global uncertainty, there is a great need to have a meaningful dialogue to find solutions to common challenges.

That’s why I welcome and commend the selection of the theme for this dialogue. I’m very optimistic that this dialogue will advance deliberation geared toward resolving the complex challenges that our countries are facing, both individually and collectively.

One aspect that I consider critical in the course of dialogue is the call to redouble efforts and take concrete actions to address the north-south divide to deepen strategic financial trade, investment and economic partnerships based on just international economic order.

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It is gratifying, however, to note that at least these challenges, the BRICS offer the possibility of coming up with a more equitable, balanced and fair mechanism to deal with an international economic order that has thus far remained unattainable and an illusive aspiration.

On these grounds, the BRICS-African partnership needs to focus on unlocking potential opportunities on the continent towards the realisation of both Agenda 2063 and Sustainable Development Goals, which include the operationalisation of the African Free Trade Area.

Forging ahead, Tanzania envisages the BRICS-African partnership that supports African endeavours in promoting and strengthening the regional value chain and, furthermore, a partnership that can promote or help African producers to be able to gain access to broader export markets.

Excellences, the second issue which I wish to underscore is the continued relevance and validity of multilateralism. I note with satisfaction that this has been captured in the theme of this Summit.

Indeed, multilateralism stands as a major tool in addressing most global geopolitical challenges, and in this regard, as we convene in multilateral forums such as this one, we should not lessen our effort to strengthen the United Nations.

In its 78th year of existence, it remains a sole body with universal membership. And so, Tanzania, at this point, would reiterate in the strongest voice the need to reform the UN Security Council to make it fairly representative, effective and reflective of current geopolitical realities.

Excellences, ladies and gentlemen as I conclude, I commend the Republic of South Africa for the excellent hosting of this summit. I should also commend the BRICS countries for their effort geared towards the advancement of South-South as well as Africa’s agenda for growth, development and integration.

It is Tanzania’s hope that African issues, concerns and priorities will continue to feature in upcoming BRICS engagements. The United Republic of Tanzania is and remains a staunch supporter of multilateralism, a more inclusive and fair global system, a well-functioning financial architecture and deeper South-South Cooperation.

This regards to remain a true friend and partner of BRICS in all its interventions. I thank you very much for your kind attention.

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