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Tanzania’s Archibishop Ruwa’ichi React to the Declaration on Blessing Same Sex Couples, ‘I will Not be Able to Bless Them’

Archibishop  Rawaichi went on to ask members of the catholic church to remain calm and continue to follow correct teachings, ‘don’t panick’ he emphasized.

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Archbishop Jude Thaddaeus Ruwa’ichi of Tanzania’s Dar-es-Salaam Archdiocese has asked members of the Catholic church in Tanzania to remain calm following the release of the declaration titled Fiducia Supplicans On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings.

The declaration which was released on December 18,2023, outline mechanism which couples in irregular situations and same sex can receive blessings in the catholic church.

“When somebody comes to me for a blessing its not possible for me to know if they are gay or not, I will simply bless them,” argued Archbishop Ruwa’ichi in a video released by Bishop’s conference Youtube Channel.

“But when two people come to me and they told me that they are the same sex couples and ask me to bless them, I will ask them what should I bless you for, I will not be able to bless them in their relation.”

“I will just advise them on how to deal with their challenge, but personally I will not be able to bless them as same sex couples,” added Archbishop Ruwa’ichi.

The declaration which was authorized by Pope Francis set the distinction between liturgical blessing and spontaneous blessing and provides that same sex couple can receive spontaneous blessing.

“Within the horizon outlined here appears the possibility of blessings for couples in irregular situations and for couples of the same sex, the form of which should not be fixed ritually by ecclesial authorities to avoid producing confusion with the blessing proper to the Sacrament of Marriage,” reads part of the declaration.

The declaration went on to putting conditions that confusion should be avoided in blessing same sex couples by avoiding, ‘clothing, gestures, or words that are proper to a wedding’. It further argued, “the blessing should never be imparted in concurrence with the ceremonies of a civil union, and not even in connection with them.”

Archbishop Ruwa’ichi has argued that the declaration is intentionally misconstrued by people who don’t wish the best for the Catholic Church.

“Some go as far as to say that the Pope has allowed gay marriages, there is no blessing that can contravene basic tenets about marriage. Catholic marriage is a union between a husband and wife”, emphasized Ruwa’ichi

Several African catholic bishops have come out to clarify the declaration this include the Nigeria bishops who have said that ‘there is no possibility in the church of blessing same-sex unions’. Kenyan’s bishops have clarified that the ‘declaration does not seek an alternative ‘union blessing’ to substitute a sacramental marriage’.

Archibishop  Rawaichi went on to ask members of the catholic church to remain calm and continue to follow correct teachings, ‘don’t panick’ he emphasized.

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