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EU Launches Board to Drive Youth Action, Empowerment in Tanzania

Known as the Youth Sounding Board (YSB), the initiative comprises 25 young leaders from the Tanzanian Mainland and Zanzibar who will advise the EU Ambassador to Tanzania.

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Dar es Salaam. The European Union (EU) in Tanzania has launched the Youth Sounding Board (YSB), an initiative to amplify youth participation and empowerment in key areas such as the blue economy, human capital and employment, and governance. 

A statement released Monday that the board comprises 25 young leaders from the Tanzanian Mainland and Zanzibar who will advise the EU Ambassador to Tanzania, the EU delegation, and Team Europe, which is the EU and its member states.

The YSB was officially launched at the Europe Day celebrations in Dar es Salaam, hosted by Ms Christine Grau, EU Ambassador to Tanzania. Mwigulu Nchemba, Minister for Finance, attended the event as the guest of honour. 

Other guests included ambassadors, heads of missions, senior government officials, religious representatives and members of civil society and the media.

During the event, Ambassador Grau highlighted the EU’s commitment to fostering youth engagement, including by providing avenues for educational growth and international exposure, notably through scholarship programs like Erasmus+ and Member States opportunities, which offer high-quality sponsored education frameworks.

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“We value young people, their ideas, and their energy. The Youth Sounding Board will ensure that the voices of Tanzanian youth are heard in our collaborative efforts,” she said.

The YSB members were selected through a competitive process, starting with a call for applications that attracted over 700 applications. The selection process, which was conducted over several months, resulted in the appointment of 25 talented youth who were chosen based on their expertise, experiences, and engagement in youth affairs.

Aside from the launch of the YSB, Europe Day celebrations underscored the strong EU–Tanzania partnership. Ambassador Grau elaborated on various collaborative areas, including business and trade, investments, and inclusive development.

“Through our Global Gateways approach, we want to support our partners, such as Tanzania, to build the capacity, the networks and the bridges necessary to join the global markets as equals, unleashing the economic development potential of the country,” she added.

Nchemba acknowledged the EU as a key strategic partner, noting Tanzania’s substantial financial support. He mentioned that the Tanzanian government has received support amounting to Sh6.4 trillion, or EUR 2,394 million as grants and Sh1.5 trillion, or EUR 573 million, as concessional loans from the European Investment Bank.

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“We equally appreciate the EU’s significant support through regional frameworks such as the East African Community and the Southern African Development Community. The EU’s commitment to uplifting African nations through these partnerships has been instrumental in our development journey,” said Nchemba.

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