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The Chanzo Morning Briefing Tanzania News – July 04, 2024

In our briefing today: Nyusi grateful for Tanzania's role in combating terrorism in Mozambique; Masauni dismisses claims that state apparatus are involved in abduction cases; Government allays fear over Kigoma’s sand eruption incident

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Good morning! The Chanzo is here with a rundown of major news stories reported in Tanzania on Wednesday July 03, 2024

Nyusi grateful for Tanzania’s role in combating terrorism in Mozambique

President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi has expressed his appreciation to Tanzania for its support in combatting terrorism in Mozambique. Nyusi was speaking yesterday in Dar es Salaam during the launching of the Tanzania trade fair Sabasaba.

“We recognize and thank Tanzania for its contribution in combatting terrorism in Cabo Delgado region. Peace and tranquility are crucial during this time, to ensure we adequately use our natural gas reserve which is available in Mtwara and Cabo Delgado,” said Nyusi.

Nyusi is in Tanzania for a four-day state visit which commenced on July 1, 2024. On July 02, 2024, Nyusi and his host, President Samia Suluhu held a joint press and witnessed the signing of two memorandum of understanding in health and trade and investment.

Tanzania is in Mozambique as part of the SADC Mission (SAMIM). While SAMIM is scheduled to withdraw from Mozambique by July 2024, Tanzania is expected to have its forces there on a bilateral arrangement with Mozambique.

Masauni dismisses claims that state apparatus are involved in abduction cases

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Hamad Masauni said yesterday that there are only eight abduction cases including the recent one that involved a 27-year-old Edgar Mwakabela who said he was first taken to the Police workshop before his abductors took him to Katavi where they tried to kill him.

Masauni was speaking in Dar es Salaam during the launching of a book about moral decay by the Muft of Tanzania Sheikh Abubakar Zubeir Bin Ally.

In a disappointed tone, Masauni said that the incidents and the way that media is linking them to state security apparatus is something that can not be ignored.

“Great anxiety is being stirred up in the community that people are getting kidnapped arbitrarily in Tanzania. Even worse, these abductions are being associated with the institutions entrusted with protecting people or the Government. This issue should not be left without a response,” said Masauni.

Masauni issued a brief report on all incidents of abduction on their radar, including the June 24, 2024, incident in Dar es Salaam, which involved rape. The criminals in that case were arrested. Another incident occurred in Katavi, where a land conflict led to kidnapping, which led to four arrests. Additionally, there was an incident in Muleba involving a two-year-old girl with albinism who was found dead; nine suspects have already been arrested.

On June 24, 2024, a child was kidnapped by his father, but the child was found. On February 12, 2024, in Handeni, an incident also involved ransom-taking, and the culprits were arrested. On May 15, 2024 in Mbeya, another case of ransom-taking occurred, and the culprits were arrested as well. Another incident took place in Geita on May 29, 2024, but the investigation is still ongoing. Masauni also assured that the Police are actively investigating the latest abduction.

“So, this is the reality of the whole year [2024] that is being described, that the Government is involved, the Police are involved, Tanzania is uninhabitable, but this is the situation,” said Masauni after his report.

He continued: “And you see that the work the Government is doing is to ensure that it takes action against all those involved. And as for those who have been found, a large percentage have been found with evidence, and even those who have not been found, our security agencies have sufficient capacity to arrest them and take legal action against them.”

Government allays fear over Kigoma’s sand eruption incident

Government has assured residents of Nyankara in Matendo ward Kigoma region that the mud flow incident that filled their farms with mud is not likely to be hazardous. This was revealed yesterday by the Kigoma Regional Commissioner.

Since July 01, 2024, residents of Nyankara, Pamira village have had their farms filled with heavy mud which caused panic in the area.

“After preliminary reports from the experts who visited the area, they informed us that this phenomenon is known as a sand eruption, a sand volcano or sand boil,” said Thobias Andengenye the Regional Commissioner of Kigoma.

He added: “This occurs when there are soft rocks beneath the ground’s surface, which contain layers of sand and water, along with significant underground air pressure. If there is a fracture in these soft rocks, it allows sand and water to rise as mud.”

On whether the mud is hazardous Andegenye said since the mud has spread onto people’s farms but hasn’t affected the plants, experts believe that based on initial observations, there are no significant effects from the mud especially because farms have not shown signs of chemical impact. However, samples were taken for further tests with results expected to be shared in the coming days.

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