Samia Touts Her Administration’s Key Milestones in New Year Greetings  

She wants both public and private sector officials to start the New Year by increasing efficiency and quality in both production and services delivery.
The Chanzo Reporter31 December 20212 min

Dar es Salaam. President Samia Suluhu Hassan on Friday said that she sees the year 2022 as the year in which Tanzania will fight against all challenges that prevent the people of the East African nation from leading a decent and prosperous life. 

The Head of State made the remarks in her New Year greetings which were live-broadcast today, December 31, 2021.

“As it has been pronounced in the Third Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP-III: 2021/22–2025/26) the main goal [of the government] is to improve the individual economy as well as the national one,” President Samia said.

It is against this background that she urged both public and private sector officials to start the New Year by increasing efficiency and quality in both production and services delivery.

“We should vow to improve our economy and better our standards,” she said. “And continue to pay respective taxes for our country’s development.” 

Samia said she was aware of the global coronavirus pandemic and the danger it poses the global economy as well as Tanzania’s.

Departing from the narrative that has been peddled by her Ministry of Health officials, President Samia confirmed the presence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in Tanzania, urging her fellow citizens to take all necessary precautions against the virus.

She urged Tanzanians to go out and get inoculated against COVID-19, saying that the vaccines are not only available free of charge but they are safe and effective.

Detailing some of the key milestones that her administration made in the year 2021, President Samia said that the government has been working round the clock to make sure that Tanzanians’ tomorrow become better than yesterday.

She mentioned the government’s efforts invested in such areas as infrastructure, agriculture and tourism. Samia touted her administration’s efforts “to free up” the country to investors by getting rid of the existed trade barriers.

“The result is that we have been able to attract investors from 186 projects worth $1.13 billion from 2020 to 237 projects worth $4.144 in 2021,” said President Samia.

President Samia seemed proud of her steps aimed at bringing Tanzania back to the international stage, something she said has enabled Tanzania to improve its voice and influence internationally.

She urged Tanzanians to participate fully in the national census that begins in 2022, calling the census an important project that would Tanzania with accurate statistics that the government will use to plan its development initiatives accordingly. 

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