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The Chanzo Morning Briefing – June 2, 2022. 

In our briefing today: Resource Mining to drill long nickel-cobalt zone at Kabulwanyele project in Mpanda; Lissu's Benefits Claims Resolved;Three farmers killed by stray elephants in eastern Tanzania; Mwinyi orders crackdown on illegal ports.

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Dar es Salaam. Good morning! The Chanzo is here with a rundown of major news stories reported in Tanzania on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Resource Mining to drill long nickel-cobalt zone at Kabulwanyele project in Mpanda

Perth-based nickel explorer Resource Mining Corporation is readying to begin a maiden drilling program at its Kabulwanyele nickel-cobalt project in Tanzania’s Mpanda district, Small Caps reports.

In 2021, the Austrian-based company collected 254 soil samples and 19 rock chip samples across all the tenements in the project area, according to the report.

This program delineated a 2km-long nickel-cobalt target that is broadly coincident with a historically mapped nickel laterite body.

The upcoming reverse circulation drilling program will comprise 18 holes for a total of 1,000m – testing for massive sulphides underlying the laterite cover.

Drilling will focus on the 2km of strike where rock sampling returned up to 1.27 per cent nickel.

The 18 holes will be drilled to 40m, for a total 720m, with an additional 280m budgeted for potential deeper drilling at the centre of the laterite body.

A bulldozer will arrive on-site shortly to provide an access track and prepare drill pads, with the drilling program expected to take six weeks, added the report by Small Caps.

Lissu’s Benefits Claims Resolved

When parliament made controversial decision to replace opposition politician Tundu Lissu in 2019, who by then was still recovering from gunshot wounds, it also decided to hold all of his benefit.

This week Tundu Lissu has made revelation that all of his benefit has been paid, “About two months ago, I received a phone-call from the Ministry of Finance and they informed me that all my debts has been cleared”, explained Tundu Lissu as he is informing the public about the new development, “I had several loans with banks locally so they used my gratuity to clear all my debts.”

The dismissal of Lissu and a subsequent withholding of his benefit is one of the many issues that tainted the fifth phase government, and during the meeting between Tundu Lissu and  President Samia this was one of the issue that was raised by Lissu among other issues.

While there has been doubt from opposition side on the extent to which Samia’s government is willing to go on reconciliation, this new development is symbolic in showing government commitment, that perhaps the ongoing dialogue might lead to the needed changes in the country.

Three farmers killed by stray elephants in eastern Tanzania

Three farmers in Tanzania’s eastern region of Morogoro have been killed by elephants suspected to have strayed from a national park, officials said Tuesday.

Bonaventure Kiwanga, a councillor for Kilosa-Mpepo ward, was quoted by Xinhua as saying the farmers were killed Monday morning after the elephants attacked them while they were farming.

“All the three farmers were residents in Kilosa-Mpepo village in Kilosa district in Morogoro region,” said Kiwanga, adding that the village is located adjacent to Julius Nyerere National Park and the Kilombero Valley.

The councillor said both protected areas are home to a sizeable number of elephants.

Malinyi MP Antipas Mgungusi (Chama cha Mapinduzi – CCM) said the area has experienced regular invasions of elephants despite appeals to the government to intervene.

“The elephants have destroyed farm crops in the area leaving farmers in food insecurity,” said the lawmaker.

He added that he has reported raids by the elephants to relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority and the Tanzania National Parks for action.

Mwinyi orders crackdown on illegal ports

Zanzibar President Hussein Ali Mwinyi on Tuesday ordered law enforcement authorities to launch a crackdown on illegal ports.

“There are a number of illegal ports in Zanzibar that are being used for smuggling goods out of the islands or importing goods without paying due taxes,” said President Mwinyi when he addressed his monthly news conference at Vuga State House.

He said traders using the illegal ports were causing a huge loss to the government in revenue.

President Mwinyi ordered law enforcers, including the police and the army, to crack down on the illegal ports before the situation became out of control.

Although the president could not mention the number of illegal ports on the Zanzibar archipelago, a survey carried out by the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) in 2018 identified 134 illegal entry ports on lakeshores and the shores of the Indian Ocean.

The survey indicated that the illegal ports were used to ship contraband goods, including sugar, cooking oil, cement, timber, minerals and many others that contributed to the suffocation of local industries.

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