Government orders border scrutiny and investigation of NGOs in Loliondo

The Minister of Home Affairs, Mr.  Hamad Yussuf Masauni has directed the Immigration Offices to strengthen border security in Loliondo

The Minister of Home Affairs, Mr.  Hamad Yussuf Masauni has directed the Immigration Offices to strengthen border security at the Loliondo borders in the wake of tension between Loliondo residents and the government over the ongoing beacon placing exercise.

“I direct all security organs at the Ministry of Home Affairs especially the Immigration to ensure they do everything possible to strengthen security at our borders, this is to prevent any illegal entry of foreign nationals into our country and specifically for anyone trying to get into the country illegally through the Loliondo border,” explained Minister Masauni during his official visit in Loliondo yesterday, June 15, 2022.

The Minister emphasized that the measures are necessary for keeping any instigation activities at bay, “I mention Loliondo specifically because of the issues that have occurred here”, referring to the tension between government and Loliondo residents, “This is in good faith to avoid incitement activities in our country from any foreign nationals, Immigration Office should come up with a comprehensive strategy in controlling entry and exit of foreigners at the Loliondo border.”

The Minister also ordered an investigation of activities undertaken by non-governmental organizations operating in Loliondo.

“Review and investigation should be carried out to all NGOs operating in this area [Loliondo] so as to make sure organizations that have been allowed to operate in Loliondo, operate as per the laws and their constitution.”

“The investigation is to ensure none of the organizations’ activities contributes in any way to the breach of peace in our country and that tough action would be taken in case it’s revealed that there is any organization, civil society, or NGO that operates not in accordance with the law or contribute to the breach of security in our country.”

The new development comes as it has been confirmed by Ngorongoro Member of Parliament that at least 31 Loliondo residents are receiving medical care in nearby Kenya hospital following injuries sustained during tension between Police and residents on June 10, 2022. Some of resident who spoke with media, explained that they had opted Kenya because Tanzania hospitals were demanding PF3 (special police form in case of injuries) before treatment.

Miss-information narratives have emerged on Whatsapp groups and Facebook driven by ‘spam like forwarded message’ that relate the tension as to be incited by a neighboring country.

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