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A Day Marred by Tragedy: Uganda’s Heartbreak on Day of the African Child

As the world honoured African children, an unspeakable attack on a school in Uganda underscores the urgent need for protection and education.

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On a day meant to be a beacon of hope and commitment to the future of African children, an unimaginable tragedy cast a dark shadow across the continent.

The International Day of the African Child, commemorated every year on June 16, this year coincided with a horrifying attack on the Lhubiriha Secondary School in Mpondwe, Uganda, by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a rebel group with ties to ISIL (ISIS) group.

Reports indicate that at least 40 lives were claimed in this attack, with reports of abductions and destruction of school property.

The International Day of the African Child, established to honour the young lives lost in the 1976 Soweto Uprising in South Africa and to advocate for improved education for children in Africa, was shattered by the echoes of gunshots and cries of anguish in Uganda.

This incident forces the continent and the world to confront a harsh reality: African children’s ongoing vulnerability and insecurity. Lhubiriha Secondary School, a beacon of education, was turned into a scene of devastation. Heartless rebels violently tore apart the dreams and aspirations nurtured within its walls.

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The attack serves as a chilling reminder that while commemorating the past, it is critical to address the present challenges that African children face. In regions fraught with conflicts and extremism, children’s access to education is often jeopardised.

Beyond the realms of curriculum and classrooms, the safety of children in schools must be paramount.

Governments, NGOs, communities, and international partners must address this urgently. Governments must implement Comprehensive security measures to protect schools, particularly in areas susceptible to attacks.

The African Union, East African Community, and the United Nations must work closely with the Ugandan government to ensure they implement strategies for children’s security and well-being.

Moreover, governments of nations must fortify the education system itself. A curriculum should integrate and fosters critical thinking, peace, and mutual respect. Education should equip children with knowledge and values that promote peace and coexistence.

Community involvement is crucial. Parents, guardians, and community leaders must be actively involved in creating a protective environment for children. Religious leaders, in particular, have a significant role in guiding communities towards peace and protecting young minds from radical ideologies.

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The tragedy in Uganda should serve as a wake-up call. The International Day of the African Child should not only be a day of remembrance but a day of action.

The fallen children of Soweto, and now those of Lhubiriha Secondary School, must not be forgotten. Their untimely demise should ignite a resolute flame of change and commitment.

As we mourn the lost lives, let us honour them by tirelessly working to ensure that schools are sanctuaries of learning and safety. Let us build a future where African children can, without fear, aspire to transform their lives and the continent’s destiny.

Paul Mdumi is the Executive Director of the Zanzibar Interfaith Centre, which promotes peace through interfaith and intercultural dialogue. He is available at or on Twitter as @Rev_MdumiJR. These are the writer’s own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of The Chanzo. Do you want to publish in this space? Contact our editors at for further inquiries. 

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