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The Chanzo Morning Briefing – August 22, 2023.

In our briefing today: Lutheran Bishop weighs in on the Tanzania-Dubai port deal; Ngorongoro residents cry about rights violations amidst security operation

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Dar es Salaam. Good morning! The Chanzo is here with a rundown of major news stories reported in Tanzania on Tuesday, August 21, 2023.

Lutheran Bishop weighs in on the Tanzania-Dubai port deal

The Dubai-Tanzania port saga keeps on giving, more twists and turns as the situation develops. Last week the main headline was the Catholic church whose top leadership released a statement unequivocally opposing the deal. The statement was read in all catholic churches in the country, and estimated to physically reach at least ten million people in a day.

Moreover, on Sunday various Catholic Bishop expressed their dismay at the mainstream media for not covering the news at all, “it’s surprising that most people received this news through social media, did anyone see any mainstream media covering it?” asked Bishop Almachius Rweyongeza of Kayanga parish.

Yesterday, the Bandari saga continued with the leader of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), Bishop Fredrick Shoo weighing in on the deal, saying the issue needs ‘great prudence’ to sort it.

Bishop Shoo was speaking at the 60 years anniversary of the formation of a unified Lutheran church in Tanzania, the second Christian denomination in the country with a sizable number of members, with the church putting the number at 8 million. The guest of honor during the anniversary was President Samia Suluhu.

“We the leaders of all denominations, at the beginning of this issue we asked to see you, and at your discretion Madam President, you invited and listened to us,” explained Bishop Shoo.

“You received our advice and promised that you will send our position to experts for the interest of our nation, we have great trust in you madam President that you are working on our advice.”

Bishop Shoo went on to caution that the debate around the port issue has invited actors who plant seeds of division for commercial or political interest. “This issue has gone far to the extent of bringing division, some use religious reasons and some have their political or commercial interest on the issue.”

“This matter requires great wisdom to approach it and we, as we said, continue to pray to God so that all wisdom is used to bring about a concession on this issue without bringing division or being used as an item to cause division,” emphasized Bishop Shoo.

On this issue, President Samia responded concisely:

“I have heard everything you said, I have heard everything you said about the security, peace, unity, and continuity of our nation.”

“I made a decision to remain silent and I will continue to remain silent. What I want to assure you is that no one has the muscle and strength to divide this nation.

“No one has the muscle and strength to sell this nation, no one has the muscle and strength to destroy the peace and security we have built in our nation. Now that is my message to you,” said President Samia.

Ngorongoro residents cry about rights violations amidst security operation

Ngorongoro residents reported yesterday that their rights are being violated following the ongoing security operation in their residences.

The operation follows the August 15, 2023 incident which was reported by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), where several journalists and government officials who were raising awareness for people to relocate from Ngorongoro were attacked by a group of Maasai youth.

“Now what is going on in Endulen is arbitrary arrests, they are moving from one house to the next arresting people randomly, as I am speaking, today is the fifth day and all men are hiding in the forest,” said Ezekiel Olemangi a resident of Endulen in a press conference.

“They are not staying there because of their will, it’s because of the brutality that is going on, at least 35 people who were arrested are not being taken to proper channels,” continued Mr.Olemangi.

Regarding the violence that ensued on August 15, while journalists and NCAA reported that they were raising awareness on the importance of relocation, the residents said that they have been instigated by journalists who propagate propaganda on behalf of the authorities.

The news comes two days after the Ngorongoro member of parliament, Emmanuel Shangai reported on August 20, 2023, that his life and that of his family are in danger and that security people have been stalking him and his family.

“Yesterday night the Police came to my home in Endulen and disturbed my family while saying words that meant to threaten my life”, read part of the statement.

“I urged the Police that if they want me, there is no need to bother my wife, family, or anyone else”

“I want to inform Ngorongoro and all Tanzanians my life is in danger,” reads the statement which was circulated by activists and close associates of the member of parliament.

Mr Shangai who was also mentioned as one of the people behind the August 15 commotion has continued to refute the allegation, however, he was arrested yesterday and still remains behind bars.

Moreover, activists in the area have reported the names of at least 33 people who have been arrested including: Augustino Hayuma, Ndasikoi Nakuroi, Larasha Olenginina, Benjamin Philimon, Motto Moinga Lookule, Kiyambwa Rongo, Parsiria Olkitok, Simel Olekosei, Kilomian Kirurush, Tuperei King’eher ,James Tikul, Lang’asani Loorpusi, Njuchuk Oletenge.

Others are Sadira taretoi, Ng’oisa kuya, Napajara mondo, Lenanu kerika, Nokoren Naidoso, Mbekure nagol, Mebeli longwari, Kooppei Sumulek, Rocky Kuchuru ,Denis Nikie, Kipuyo Simion, Goddy Polla, Koimerek Olesii, Jackson Kering’ot, Andeni Olekere, Boniface, Juma Lass, Fredrick Kasoi, Putari Lekerr.

The issue of Ngorongoro’s relocation exercise has remained a topic of contention in the country. While less than 2 percent of the residents have voluntarily relocated, a majority of the population has expressed dissatisfaction, asserting that they have been deprived of essential services in an apparent attempt to compel them to move from Ngorongoro.

The government maintains that the relocation exercise is vital for the conservation of Ngorongoro, highlighting that the continued increase in population poses a threat to the area’s ecological well-being.

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