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Why DRC Matters

What happens to DRC, happens to Africa. Hence, DRC matters, and it is imperative for Africans to do everything they can to get this sleeping giant back on its feet because when it does, it will pull so many nations forward with it. 

Tuongee Kuhusu Shahada za Udaktari wa Heshima

Kufuatia hatua ya Mbunge Msukuma kutunukiwa Shahada ya Udaktari wa Heshima na chuo kimoja, hatua ambayo imezua mjadala mpana kuhusiana na utolewaji wa shahada hizo, ni muhimu kujiuliza hizi ni shahada za mchango au mchongo?

Bank Failures: Will the BoT’s Intervention on Insider Transactions Help?

New regulations comes with three main objectives first to promote and maintain public confidence in banks and financial institutions and establish standards for corporate governance processes and structures as well as providing guidance to directors for the proper discharge of their fiduciary responsibilities.