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The Chanzo Morning Briefing – December 21, 2021.

In our briefing today: Sri Lanka orders its nationals who attended Tanzania conference to undergo COVID testing; Helium One extends Tanzania seismic programme after encouraging early results; Dodoma Resolutions on democracy are first steps for Tanzania to return to its democratic path

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Dar es Salaam. Good morning! The Chanzo is here with a rundown of major news stories reported in Tanzania over the weekend.

Sri Lanka orders its nationals who attended Tanzania conference to undergo COVID testing

Sri Lankan authorities have instructed all members of the delegation that recently returned to the country after participating in a Buddhist conference held in Tanzania to undergo testing for COVID-19, a Sri Lankan news website NewsIn Asia reported on Monday.

The directive followed reports that a Buddhist monk and another individual who had attended the said conference have already tested positive for coronavirus.

Around 30 members of lay and clergy from various parts of Sri Lanka participated in the conference held in the East African country. According to NewsIn Asia, the entire group had tested negative for the virus in the PCR tests carried out prior to their departure from Tanzania while they had each left for their respective homes after arriving in the country on Sunday.

Monday’s reports come amidst concerns that Tanzania may already be experiencing the fourth wave of the latest variant of coronavirus Omicron, with Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa allaying Tanzanians fears of the pandemic.

“We have not a single Omicron patient in the country,” the Premier said on December 11, 2021. “We have not a single fourth wave patient in our hospitals. [Reports that Tanzania is a dangerous country for the fourth wave of coronavirus] are trade wars and the private sector needs to speak this our behalf.”

Authorities have remained reluctant to admit the presence of the fourth wave of COVID-19 even in the wake of the spread of flu, headaches and fevers that have triggered fears in many people in the country. Hospitals have acknowledged admitting patients this week with complaints of fever, flu, chest pains, fatigue and headaches.

Still, the permanent secretary in the ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Prof Abel Makubi has urged the public not to worry about the current situation of flu and fever which he described as normal between December and February due to weather changes.

“The government continues to monitor the situation, but people should not worry,” he told The Citizen newspaper on December 17, 2021. “They only should continue protecting themselves.”

Helium One extends Tanzania seismic programme after encouraging early results

The Uk-listed company Helium One Global Ltd has said that it was extending its seismic programme in Tanzania after seeing what it described as encouraging early results at the Rukwa project.

The explorer had completed 94 per cent of the planned 200-kilometre programme as of December 18, and, now intends to shoot an additional 20 kilometres to add extra data for “promising targets” in the previously unsurveyed Momba area.

Additionally, some 15 kilometres of ‘high resolution’ seismic will be shot, as an experimental line to assess the suitability of high resolution seismic “to resolve shallow structures and identify potential closures within the topmost 400 metres”, the company added.

Chief executive David Minchin, in a statement, said: “We are delighted with progress at our extended Phase Il 2D seismic campaign, which has provided high-quality data across the northern extensions of Tai and Itumbula structural highs that are believed to be acting as a charge focus for helium migration.”

The company told investors that it is well funded for current exploration activities and is confident about its Phase II exploration campaign.

It is currently in talks with contractors for a conventional rig, for a drill programme commencing in the third quarter of 2022.

The company expects it will have some $11.5 million of cash reserves, after payment of all due invoices related to Phase I drilling (excluding disputed invoices of $239,429).

“We remain well-financed and look forward to updating the market with additional information developed from the Phase II 2D seismic campaign once data has been processed and interpreted,” Minchin added. “This information will feed into generating additional targets for our 2022 conventional drilling campaign.”

Dodoma resolutions on democracy are first steps for Tanzania to return to its democratic path

It is a conference that divided the opinions of party leaders, their members and followers, activists as well as other observers of Tanzania’s political developments and generated heated debates on the future of multiparty democracy in Tanzania.

It is the conference that the Registrar of Political Parties Judge (Retired) Francis had organized where stakeholders – from political parties, CSOs, religious organisations and the Police Force – were invited to the capital Dodoma to discuss the status of multiparty democracy in Tanzania and deliberate on the possible way forward.

At least two opposition parties – CHADEMA and NCCR-Mageuzi – boycotted the conference which President Samia Suluhu Hassan opened. ACT-Wazalendo, on their part, chose to take part in the conference and discussions that ensued.

In this op-ed by ACT-Wazalendo party leader Zitto Kabwe, the former MP argues that if the opportunities presented by the Dodoma Initiative are not grabbed, tension will continue and create an enabling environment for a repeat of the last five years.

You can read Zitto’s reflections on the conference, which features the reasons why the party decided to part in it, here.

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3 Responses

  1. It is very very disturbing that THE PANDEMIC, COVID-19, that had its origins from bats experiments in Wuhan Province, China, has now become the African CONTINETAL disease !

    Every country on planet earth is now looking any African with suspicion and disgust as the potential suspected carriers of the COVID-19 disease in spite of the fact that NOT MANY BLACK AFRICANS are frequent overseas travelers outside the continent!

    The GREEDY African ruling cartels, in their desired efforts to collect foreign bribes in order enrich themselves, have now sacrificed their populations to bombarded with uncountable number of vaccine needles in their arms every month as long as the foreign bribe funds keep rolling into their coffers!

    African ruling elites are the poor African populations enemies and NIGHTMARES!!

  2. PROSPERITY AFRICAN CHRISTIAN EVERNGEILICALS created and financed by one man who is an AETHEIS who neither believes in God, nor Jesus Christ nor LIFE AFTER DEATH, but is determined to pour tons of cash towards evangelization with a principal mission to target poor and vulnerable African population in order to brainwash and steal from them has created a continent of IMBECILS.

    The deceitful African evangelicals are bunch of shameless GREEDY actors, pretending to have FAKE direct CONTACT WITH GOD AND POWERS TO heal and raise people from death in exchange for cash from the poor Congregation!

    The African political elites have allowed the explosion of these WOLVES in SHEEP’s clothing evangelicals to roam unhindered among the poor populations in order to rob them in order to get votes from the kraaled and brainwashed flock of human sheep during political elections circles !

    Majority of these trained evangelical predators are African MALES who should defending their African land, resources and citizens from local and foreign enemies!

    African ELITES (evangelical and political) are African populations worst enemies!! Money laundering that leaves Africans poor, diseased and in MASSIVE DEBT is the result of the brainwashing activities and thefts conducted by the collusion between the PROSPERITY EVENGEILICALS and their CORRUPT AND ARMED African political elites enablers! This despicable elite cooperation is going on in every corner of Sub-Saharan Africa where resources desired by foreigners abound!

    IT IS PAINFUL WATCHING how effective and final BRAINWASHING is:

  3. One of the greatest hypocrites in Tanzania today is Speaker Job Ndugai!

    After defending the blatant auctioning of the Tanzanian infrastructure at Bagamoyo to his foreign friends in China and Oman, he now pretends that he is opposed to the RAMPANT borrowing by his partner, President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

    Their aim is merely to sow the seeds of CONFUSSION among the exploited Tanzanian population!
    Like many other African countries, Tanzania is foreign controlled by HUGE FOREIGN DEBTS! The beneficiaries of TANZANIAN DEBTS are foreigners and their BIG BELLIED, imbecilic associates, the African political ruling class!!

    Both are well fed and have nothing to lose!

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