The Chanzo Morning Briefing – April 27, 2022. 

In our briefing today: Tanzanians mark the 58th anniversary of the Union between Tanganyika, Zanzibar; Bosch Rexroth appoints Tansec Limited as its distributor in Tanzania; Lawmakers in Zanzibar to start debating govt budget today. 
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Dar es Salaam. Good morning! The Chanzo is here with a rundown of major news stories reported in Tanzania on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

Tanzanians mark the 58th anniversary of the Union between Tanganyika, Zanzibar

Tanzanians of every stripe on Tuesday commemorated the 58th anniversary of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, with discussions taking place on various platforms on the essence of the amalgamation and what needs to be done to sustain it.

On April 26, 1964, leaders of independent Tanganyika and Zanzibar Julius Nyerere and Abeid Karume respectively decided to merge their two nations to form the United Republic of Tanzania, forming one of the few surviving political union in Africa.

The climax of this year’s commemoration took place in the capital Dodoma, accompanied by the launch of a book that chronicles the history of the Union, considered one of the values of the Tanzanian nation-state.

Speaking about the book during the occasion that took place at the Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre, Vice President Philip Mpango, who graced the function, said it seeks to impart to the younger generation of Tanzanians the knowledge about the importance of the Union.

“Majority of Tanzanians are born after the union,” said Dr Mpango during the function. “We want the present generation and the coming ones to understand this union and its importance in our country.”

Former Speaker of Parliament Pius Msekwa said during the occasion that the Union will endure to the disbelief of many who thought it would not.

“The Union will endure forever and ever,” Mwananchi newspaper quoted the author of Historia ya Muungano wa Tanganyika na Zanzibar, a book that details the history of the Union as saying. “If there is anyone who does not like the Union then they can go and hang themselves. We have gone through a lot but successes overpass failures.”

But according to the leader of the opposition ACT-Wazalendo party Zitto Kabwe if Mr Msekwa’s words are to come true then deliberate efforts should be taken to resolve structural issues that threaten the political union.

“[As it currently stands], one country [Tanganyika] has worn the Union coat and thus creating an environment of another country, Zanzibar perceives what exists not as a Union but Tanganyika’s expansionism,” Zitto told the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

“These are issues that need to be resolved constitutionally and that’s why the Constitution-writing process needs to start, or finalised because it has already started so that we can have a strong Union by introducing a three-tier government system,” he added.

This also happens to be the urging of The Chanzo contributor Dr Nicodemus Minde who in his article commemorating the Union discusses ways in which the Union Day is being commemorated in Tanzania and proposes ways in which the day can be marked meaningfully to the benefit of Tanzanians.

You can read Dr Minde’s article, The Meaning and Usage of Union Day Celebrations, here.

Bosch Rexroth appoints Tansec Limited as its distributor in Tanzania

Africa’s largest manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and automation components and systems Bosch Rexroth Africa Development has appointed Transec Limited as the distributor of its products in Tanzania, the former said in a statement on Tuesday.

Tansec Limited is a general mining equipment supplier with an established countrywide presence. In line with the distributor agreement, Transec Limited will have access to the full range of components and services offered by the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of companies, for the benefit of the mining, cement and sugar industries, according to the statement.

Louis Potter, business development manager at Bosch Rexroth Africa Development commented that as part of the company’s strategy to develop the business in Africa, Transec Limited will be a good ambassador for its product range and its brand in the Tanzanian market.

Mr Potter said: “Transec Limited is a specialist in the provision of mining supplies and services, which includes: maintenance labour, fire suppression installation, conveyor belt sales and maintenance, process pump and valves supply, as well as the supply of large mobile machine components, undercarriages, pumps, hose and fitting, final drives, gearboxes and machine tracks.”

Potter added that Transec Limited has good relationships with the major mining companies in Tanzania, holding established maintenance contracts with some of the largest gold mines, with a permanent presence on site.

“In addition, Transec has positioned itself to be the preferred supplier of mobile equipment spare parts to some of the larger mines in the Lake Zone region, Mwanza,” Mr Potter added.

Lawmakers in Zanzibar to start debating govt budget tody

Clerk of the Zanzibar House of Representatives Raya Mselem said Tuesday that members of the law-making body will start debating the proposed government budget for the 2022/2023 financial year today, with the government expected to respond to 185 questions from members.

Ms Mselem was speaking to reporters at her Chukwani-based office on the outskirt of Zanzibar city.

During the august session, all the 17 ministries would present their respective budget estimates before the house for deliberations and approval by the legislators, with Minister of State, President’s Office, Finance and Planning Dr Saada Mkuya Salum scheduled to unveil the national budget on June 9, 2022, Ms Mselem said.

“The seventh House of Representatives meeting starts on April 27 through June 17, 2022,” she told reporters, adding that during the sitting 2022/2023 Finance Bill and Appropriation Bill will be passed.

Today on Social

In celebration of the Union day, one quote from the Zanzibar President, Dr. Hussein Mwinyi has resurfaced yesterday on social media and appeared to be one of the heavily discussed item. The quote reads;

“A foreigner is not buying land, nor is he being given 100% ownership. They are given permits to invest for several years. For someone from mainland Tanzania who wants to invest in Zanzibar, he/she will use the same process.”

It was from an interview between President Mwinyi and Clouds Media which was released on November 30,2021. The discussion around it  was based on the fact that, for individuals from Zanzibar they can purchase and own land anywhere in the mainland without conditions.

“Someone from Zanzibar [can] buy land and invest in our village Nyarero without any conditions, there is a big problem in this union”,  comment from the former member of Parliament, John Heche.

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