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Tanzania: The Road Ahead After Mbowe’s Release

The next immediate step after the release of Mr Mbowe should be the review of all gross human rights violations that took place in the last seven years so as to bring closure to victims and their loved ones and to heal the nation.

Seretse Khama: Africa’s Unsung Hero

People say – show me your heroes and I will show you your future. When the Magufulis and the Mugabes of Africa are hailed as heroes and the Khamas are obscure, you know that you are in for a truly rough ride.

Nini Kimesababisha Mgogoro wa Urusi na Ukraine?

Wengi wanaamini mlango wa mazungumzo unaweza ukafunguka tena. Hatua ya hivi karibuni ya nchi za ulaya na marekani kuzuia benki za Urusi kutumia mfumo wa kibenki wa swifti pamoja na NATO kuongeza majeshi karibu na mipaka ya Urusi inaweka shinikizo zaidi kwa Urusi kurudi kwenye mazungumzo.

How Turkey is Building its Influence in Tanzania

Rising Turkey’s influence and also interest in Tanzania means aside from Europe, US and China, there is an emerging player that Tanzania can also benefit from in terms of investments, finances, technology, and access to the market. But all of this depends on our ability to negotiate and learn to see opportunities.

Expulsion at 50: Lessons from Uganda

For Africans to see Indians – or other non-native communities – as compatriots, they have to position themselves differently. There is a need for increasing cultural, social, business, and if possible religious intercourses.